Wood Fired Pizza Dough Recipe – Part 2 (Caputo 00 Neapolitan with KitchenAid)



  1. 00 flour grande cheese! lots of brands to choose from. dufferin and orfus rd! you can get that buffalo moz I mentioned earlier there too. I found San Marzano to be cheaper at fortinos than grande.

  2. Nice! i'm in Ontario too. Very happy to see you using ur oven in the winter! i built my oven and was hoping to be able to use it in the winter. love the san marzzano, and 00 flour. I found some fresh buffalo mozz from Grande cheese $10 bucks for a really small ball but worth every penny. Thanks for the vid

  3. Great video production, I'd be interested in the camera used and any software. Pizza looks great. I've made it my hobby to perfect the dough recipe, it's all in the dough. I made a video of my pizza and can be found on my channel page. Keep cooking!!