Meat Lover’s Deep Dish Pizza Pie Recipe – How to make Deep Dish Pizza Pie



  1. Thanks, Big V   . . .  What a great looking pizza!   <lol>  Now I'm screamingly hungry!   🙂   

    Thumbs up and all best,   Jersey Joe  ;-)

  2. Great pizza pie Big V! You think like my hubby with all that delicious filling & of course BACON!.I love that you cook in your pyjama's Lyndsay. I do the same most Sundays 😀 Thanks for another great episode guys :)

  3. Hey Lyndsay and Big "V", my wife and I are pizzaholics as we have pizza every week for years on end. This is totally awesome. Don't let Mr. Tate know you made this. What time shall we come over next time you make this lol? You two are the best:) I'm proud to feature your channel. This for sure is going into my CULINARY playlist. ROCK ON!!!!!