Homemade Pizza Dough | The Daily Meal



  1. Is it ok to divide the recipe in half? This ingredients seem to be measured for a recipe that makes more than one pizza, and I usually only make one pizza on most occasions.

  2. I followed the recipe from Tony's "pizza Bible" to the letter- but my dough just took over the fridge overnight! It spread so much on the baking sheet- it then stuck fast to the cling film that was covering it. Once I finally got it off it was too sticky and elastic to work with- it wouldnt stretch at all. God knows where I went wrong!

  3. I followed so many recipes, nothing worked perfectly as the one in this video, thank you so much Tony, I had the best pizza ever, by the way, never omit the poolish, the magic is just there, i tried with and without 🙂

  4. I followed this recipe but found a lot of loose flour in the bottom of the mixing bowl, and I'm guessing it's because I didn't have the starter to to 'collect' the excess loose flour. Since I'm assuming the starter/poolish isn't entirely necessary, how much extra water should I use to make up for it?

    Aside from flour, water, yeast, what's your recipe for the poolish?

  5. What are the amounts and how do you make the starter? Also the salt was skipped. I will assume it was put in between the starter and oil as it disappeared between those steps.