Gluten-Free Recipe – How to Make Gluten-Free Pizza Crust



  1. Suggestion:
    I love your channel , I would recommend to always say Fahrenheit when you talk about temperature. because some people might wonder if you are talking about C or F.
    Thanks in advance.

  2. People think gluten it's bad for them in all reality it started because of sometimes allergy. At least those people can benefit from this fad. Were not meat eaters and now we aren't gluten eaters by nature. Please people

  3. No …they just started adding this gluten (glue) to our wheats that is causing many people problems in digesting it. Wheat today isn't even close to what is use to be.

  4. there are certain people whose ancestors did not have gluten in their native diet that are more apt to have gluten intolerance; also, there was the introduction of GMO wheat in the late 90s and since then there has been an increase in gluten intolerance and celiac disease

  5. Information evolves every day and things are marketed and bought up without proper research. Most people avoid gluten because they think it's unhealthy but those who have an intolerance are benefiting from the fad. I am allergic to wheat, in general, and it has been more convenient for me but when I buy something gluten free, people I'm with roll their eyes like I just don't understand that doesn't make my muffin any healthier. I know it doesn't, but I can still eat it.

  6. humans have been eating gluten for tens of thousands of years… all of a suuden there is this genetic shift causing many americans to be allergic to gluten… or maybe its a fad diet driven by industry looking to cash in on nievity