Chicken Bacon Pizza Recipe – CRUNCH FACTOR 10!



  1. Great recipe as always Matty 🙂 But please, be kind to a neapolitan fan of your and never say "mozzarell' " again, it's "mozzarellA" XD

    Just joking, obviously! 😉

    keep up the good work, your channel rocks 😀


  2. If you put a damp cloth under the cutting board it wont slide like that!

    Awesome vids, been watching a while. I'm down 28 lbs. in three months. Hoping to lose about 80 more. Love the vids they help a lot in my adventure of learning to lift. The recipes are great as well! Thanks!

  3. I like the into tune! It's kinda nice that you bled it into the actual video aswell… Just adds an extra level of awesomeness. Still loving the videos, keep them coming!! 😀

  4. Holy fuck that looks delicious. I live in China and cannot get turkey bacon (or any good bacon for that matter), pittas, and even chicken breasts are hard to come by where i live…i shall just have to watch and dream.

  5. I'm not crazy over the whole "buttery taste". I enjoy more of the sweet pleasures of food. On that note, how awesome would "Spray Honey" be?! I can't believe no one has thought of it yet!

  6. That looks so good I love Josephs flatbread so I will try the pita too. Totally got turkey bacon to try but unopened it got slimy just a few days after being in the fridge so i tossed it. Turkey bacon fail.  Bolthouse avacodo next new dressing!