Betty’s Thin Crust Italian Sausage Pizza



  1. Betty, this was my first time watching one of your vids, and I must say that you are sooo nice and fun! This was my first pizza that I made and it was awesome I have to say that you make the best pizza ever! Thanks for inspiring me to be a cook, with awesome skillz. ~Alli.

  2. Love your videos betty your accent is awesome i always wanted to go to america im from sunderland in uk
    Your great at cooking
    Also its soothing hearing you talk :)

  3. please please make me feel better and tell me that a beautiful lady like yourself gets help with your skin at the beauticians. perhaps special collagen treatments or something similar. YOu look younger than me, and I'm 40!!!! caz xo

  4. How can anyone thumbs down a Betty video or most recipe vids for that matter? If you don't like the food or recipe that you made/used that's perfectly fine and one thing. Disliking a video that's only trying to help you or give you a new idea about a recipe or food makes zero logical sense lol. Oh well people are strange lol.

  5. Betty, this recipe is awesome. I made it today along with the versatile pizza sauce,
    added bacon, forgot the garlic, I didn'thave some of the herbs so I used Italian seasoning, ommited mozzarella because we didn't have any on hand, and it all turned out well! I also made cinnamon and sugar bread sticks with the left over dough, delish! Thank you :-)

  6. Oh man, Betty. You had me at Italian..and sausage…and pizza, heh. I am an Italian sausage FIEND and I LOVE pizza. I keep saying I'm gonna break down and make my own pizza, but always succumb to the pressures of grocery store frozen pizza [lol]. Maybe I'll take a cue from you and FINALLY make my own pizza. Looks tasty :)